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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  April 13, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> the latest news and weather on >> pelley: a white police officer is charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. also tonight, marco rubio joins t the presidential race, bute hillary clinton gets a head start. >> i hope you'll join me on this journey. >> pelley: airlines reach new heights for lost bagage. and sold at auction, the math notebook of the genius who broke the nazi military code. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. it has happened again, and again it's captured on video, a white law enforcement officer fatally shooting an unarmed black man. today a elderly reserve deputy in tulsa, oklahoma, was charged
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with manslaughter in what he says was an accident. the victim was 44 years old. elaine quijano has the latest. >> reporter: in the moments before eric harris was shot on april 2th, tulsa sheriff's deputies say they were conducting a sting operation trying buy a gun from a convicted felon. but when police vehicles pulled up, harris ran. >> stop! >> reporter: a body camera on one of the deputies captured the pursuit.ep among the officer chasing harris was the 73-year-old volunteer reserve deputy bob bates can be heard yelling "taser" just before a shot was fired. according to sheriff'sde investigators, bates thought he pulled his taser instead of hisju gun. immediately afterwards, you hear him apologize. >> i shot him. i'm >> reporter: as harris laid bleeding, he complained of being unable to breathe. s >> i'm losing my breath. >> ( bleep ) your breath.
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>> reporter: no one replied. bates had previously worked for the tulsa police department in one year from 1964 to 1965. he became a reserve deputy at the sheriff's office in 2008. at first the department defended him, saying he made a mistake in the heat of the moment. but the district attorney disagreed, charging bates with manslaughter. dan smolen is the attorney for the harris family. >> everyone wants the believe law enforcement.yone everyone wants to live in a world where you feel protected by law enforcement. the problem is that has become so mutated over time. >> reporter: andre harris is the victim's brother.r >> he was loving. he was caring. and he was my brother that i'll me never see again until i see him in heaven. >> reporter: according to family members, harris was unarmed wheng he was shot. robber beats' attorney said the following in response to the
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charges, "we feel the evidence strongly shows this was a death or homicide by accident or misfortune, which under the to statute is excusable homicide." there has not been any challenge to the statements made by bates voicing his intention to tase. scott, if he is convicted, batesha could receive up to four yearsve in prison. >> pelley: elaine, thanks very much inch another controversial police shooting, we heard new audio today of south carolina police officer michael slager minutes after he fatally shot walter scott, who was running away from a traffic stop. the first voice you're about tos hear is a police supervisor advising slager what to do next. >> pelley: it was after a chase and a struggle that slager shote the unarmed scott in the back. slager was fired last week charged with murder and remainsl in jail tonight. today four ex-blackwater security guards were sentenced to long prison terms for aho
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deadly shooting in baghdad eight years ago. the episode caused annd international uproar and raised questions about the u.s. government's use of private security guards in a war zone. here's david martin. >> reporter: one by one the four blackwater guards, their legs shackled, stood before a packeds courtroom. judge royce lamberth, his voice at one point breaking with emotion, pronounced their n sentences.en life for nicholas slattern, who had been convicted of first- degree murder for firing the first shots in the 2007 shooting, which left 14 unarmed iraqi civilians dead. 30 years each for paul slough,ed evan liberty, and dustin heard all of whom had been convicted of manslaughter. the courtroom, filled with 100 of their supporters, gasped at the life sentence, but none of the defendants showed any visible reaction. the sentences, which were the minimum required by law following convictions by a jury
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last october were handed down after hearing statements fromil five of the iraqi victims, including emotional testimony from the family of a nine-year- old boy who was killed. "what's the difference between these criminals and terrorists?" the father asked in halting english. video monitors showed photos of the dead and pictures of the cars shot up by the blackwater guards.y lawyers for the defendants asked the judge for mercy, arguing the mandatory sentences were intended for drug dealers and gang members, not security guards assigned to protect a state department convoy in the middle of a war-torn but judge lamberth responded "based on the seriousness of the t crimes, i find the penalty is not excessive." choking up, the judge said it's clear that these fine young men just panicked, but he added, "they were entrusted with deadly weapons and their conduct cannot be condoned." >> pelley: david martin at theu. pentagon for us tonight. david, thank you.
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the u.s. has fired off an angry note to russia over a near miss involving a russian fighter and an american spy plane. the pentagon says the reconnaissance plane was in international air space last tuesday north of poland. the u.s. says the russian fighter screamed up from the rear and spun two barrel rolls over the american plane. well, there are only 82 weeks left until the presidential election, and the field is filling up fast. this evening, republican senator marco rubio said he is in, and hillary clinton stepped on to a trail that she has traveled before, this time she's the overwhelming favorite for the democratic nomination. tonight she's headed to iowa. our nancy cordes beat her there. >> reporter: the only clinton sighting came at a chipotle in t ohio today where security video captured her ordering a burrito bowl, your standard road tripd fare. >> i'm hitting the road to earn e your vote. because it's your time, and i hope you'll join me on this
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journey. >> reporter: she may be the democratic front-runner, but clinton still needs to drum up the kind of enthusiasm that led barack obama to a first-place finish in the iowa caucuses and eventually to the white house. >> there's a number of undecided. there's a number. >> reporter: bartender kimberly boggus leads a group of obama volunteers in beaverdale, iowa. they worked so hard to get himec reelected they were nicknamed obamadale. we sat down with five of them. at this point do you all have the same kind of passion for hillary clinton that you had for the president? >> no.te >> reporter: no? >> no. >> reporter: why not?ie >> i think she has the prove herself. >> i already know she's very qualified. i know that she's an intelligent person, but i just wanted toe meet her because that's how iowans are. we want to know our neighbors. we want to know our people we go
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to church with. we want to know our president. >> reporter: here in iowa they take underdogs seriously. president obama was one. when former maryland governor martin o'malley visited iowa last week, all five went to see him speak and sing. do you want more democratic candidates in the field? >> yes. >> yes. >> reporter: you would like that? >> the democratic party does better when we have competitive caucuses. >> reporter: clinton kicked off her last campaign with a big rally here in des moines, but this time she's going small, very small. the clinton caravan will roll into monticello, iowa, tomorrow, population 3,800, where she will hold a round table, scott, with community college students and educators. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. now to the rubio campaign. t manuel bojorquez was there when the freshman senator from florida made his announcement.el >> i believe our very identity as an exceptional nation is at stake and i can make a difference as >> reporter: marco rubio launched his campaign from miami's freedom tower, the first stop for thousands of cuban
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exiles during the '60s and '70s. the son of cuban immigrants themselves, rubio vowed to protect the american dreams they >> i live in an exceptionalpt country where the son of a bartender and maid can have the same dreams and the same future as those who come from power and >> reporter: rubio was electedte to the senate in 2010 at just age 39, part of a tea party wave. a foreign policy hawk, he's been sharply critical of president obama's policies on isis, iran and especially cuba. but some conservatives haveat criticized rubio's support of a 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill that ultimately failed. rubio says he now favors a piecemeal approach to immigration with border security as the top priority. on the come pain trail, he will call for an overhaul of the tax code. his plan lowers corporate tax rate, eliminates the estate tax and reaches out to middle-class voters by increasing the child tax credit.
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rubio's challenges for securing the nomination include an expected run by his mentor f former florida governor jeb bush. scott, rubio has positioned himself as a fresh face, an r alternative to establishment candidates like bush and hillary clinton. >> pelley: manuel, thanks very much.ue john dickerson is our cbs news political director. we announced yesterday he'll be the new anchor of "face the nation" beginning this summer. congratulations, john. >> thank you, scott. >> pelley: john, does secretary clinton draw a serious opponent for the democratic nomination? >> reporter: the way it looks now, hillary clinton if she makes it to the convention, will face the least amount of opposition since any party candidate who wasn't already an incumbent since 1908. martin o'malley, the former governor of maryland is running and doing all the things you do to run, but people rate his chances as slim. joe biden would like to run, but he's not doing the work. hillary clinton is a woman and she can raise a lot of money.
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when i asked democratic strategists, what do you think the chances are? they say anything can happen for politics. then they reach for the mystical and religious to say how unlikely it is that she beli beaten. >> pelley: history is not kind to any party that tries to have three terms in the white house p in a row.s >> since 1951, one party has had three terms in a row, that was reagan and bush, but if history is not on the democratic side, there are some things that are and if you look at the electoral map, that race to 270 that we'll become obsessed with in a year and a half, the democrats start with a lot. they have a lot of big states, not a lock. of course they have a lot of big states, almost twice as many electoral votes that are sort of already in the democratic column than republicans have. the chairman of the republicane. party was asked by bob schieffer on "face the nation" this weekend about that electoral advantage democrats had. he said democrats just have to be good. republicans to win the presidency have to be perfect.
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>> pelley: there are three republicans in the race right now. what's that field going to look like?pu how many will there be? >> reporter: the most robust field ever. governors, senator, politically powerful and popular people. they're all going to have a lot of money. it's going to be quite a round of bumper cars. >> pelley: and next week there will be only 81 weeks until election day. john dickerson, thank you so most of those candidates will be flying on charters, and this may be one reason. g there's a new report out todayms based on government figures that confirms that everything that passengers hate about flying is getting worse. here's transportation correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: while airline profits soared last year passengers didn't share in theor good times. that's according to this year's airline quality ratings survey which concluded that customer service is getting worse. the report found that while most bags made it to their destinations, more than two
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million were mishandled last year, that's up 13% from the year before. passenger complaints rose 22% to just over 11,000. brent bowen is co-author of the. report. >> what about on-timeet performance, is it better? >> on-time performance is worse. >> reporter: by a lot?. >> by a significant amount. that's a management decision on the frequency of flights and scheduling. that's the number-one thing a passenger wants is to get to their destination on time. if they don't, they're going to file a complaint. >> reporter: sky west, express jet and envoy received the lowest overall rating, virgin h america, hawaiian airlines andhe delta earned the highest. >> this year a bit of good news is delta climbed its way back up after a decline when they merge with northwest. >> reporter: the airline industry as a whole is going through a wave of consolidation, but airlines for america, an
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industry representative says the mergers have allowed airlines to focus on improving fleets and improving all stages of travel. carriers are increasing air service levels which will benefit customers. envoy airlines says it is working on system upgrades scott. prior the last year airline quality ratings were actually on the rise. now according to this report's authors, we're entering a period of decline. >> pelley: jeff pegues, thank you very much, jeff. test a imagine sitting in an airline and suddenly hearing screaming and banging beneath your feet. it happened today on alaska airplanes flight 448 bound for los angeles from seattle. it turns out a ramp worker got locked in the cargo hold which is pressurized. the plane returned to seattle the worker seemed okay but they took him to a hospital anyway. a seven-year-old had dozens of seizures a day until he was given medical marijuana. and the work was pure grudge i
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5:48 pm
seizures. i >> i thought he was playing in the other room. he was not playing in the other room. he was convulsing, turning blue, and that's when i thought i lostgh him. >> he's been such a good boyok getting him all hooked up. >> reporter: last summer she eagerly enrolled her son in a small trial designed to see if medical marijuana could help. twice a day, hank receives a marijuana liquid extract called epidolex. the medicine does not contain thc, the ingredient that can cause you euphoria, anxiety and paranoia. megan says the change has been dramatic.y >> we instantly saw results. he was smiling again.n we noticed a decrease in seizures. he was able to transition. at this point he was able to gain cognitive skills. >> reporter: 137 children and young adults, average age 11 were given the drug. after 12 weeks, parents reported the number of seizures declined 45 to 50%. dr. linda laux of the children's hospital in chicago is one of the researchers.
5:49 pm
>> some of the kids clearly became more verbal, better coordination.ild i had one child who startedca walking while they were using the medication. >> reporter: hank's epilepsy wasn so severe, at age seven he still cannot speak, but he's able to attend school and has not had a seizure in months. >> my goal for him is to hear his voice to, hear him talk. we just want him to be happy. k >> reporter: it's been known since the early '70 has the active ingredient hank received can block seizures in animals, but how it works is unclear.ea what is clear, scott, much more research is needed, especially placebo-controlled trials. >> pelley: promising news. jon, thanks for that. two survivors of the boston bombing help open the season at fenway, in just a moment. just a moment. wow! that's a four-cylinder? i thought it was a six.
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>> >> pelley: we have an update onab our story about the so-calledve beijing five. today under international pressure, china set the women free. they were jailed last month after singing on the subway and dressing up as blood-stained brides to raise awareness about sexual harassment and domestic violence. secretary of state john kerry was among those who took up the cause. their release is conditional though. they could face charges later. tonight we have a rare look at a space walk from the astronauts' point of view. in february terry virts put a camera on his helmet and started recording as he and barry
5:53 pm
wilmore did some construction at the space station. it's a wonder they got anything done with a view like that. in boston it was opening day at fenway park. jane richard was in the choir i that sang the national anthem. she lost a leg in the marathon bombing. her eight-year-old brother martin was killed. another brother, henry, handed the baseball to patriots' star tom brady, who threw out the ceremonial first pitch. it bounced, but the red sox won 9-4. the writings of the genius portrayed in "the imitation game" sells for real money next. next.
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aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. >> pelly: a math notebook sold at auction in new york today not just any math notebook. this one belonged to the cryptographer portrayed in theon oscar-winning film "the imitation game," the genius credited with bringing world war ii to an earlier end. here's anthony >> reporter: while british mathematician alan turing was breaking the german's enigma code during world war ii, he kept this notebook. >> he was working on saving europe and the world during the n day and coming home at night and doing pure mathematics in his free time. >> cassandra hatton is with
5:57 pm
bonham's, which auctioned the notebook of calculations by the man many consider the father of the modern computer. >> $700,000. $750,000 with the gentleman. w >> reporter: the subject of the oscar winning film "the imitation game"--i >> i'm designing a machine that will allow us to break every message every day. >> reporter: --turing's work was done in anonymity. what's happening here was done in top secret. >> absolutely top secret. >> reporter: last fall for cbs sunday morning, i visited hut 8 where turing and his team used a captured german encryption machine to create their own code-breaking machine. does this machine still work? >> it does. it's the only working one in the world. want to see it running? >> reporter: i'd love to see it running. >> absolutely. >> reporter: turing's machine, it's said, shortened the war by two years. was the family at all aware what he was doing? >> for the first part of the war, the family didn't know where he was placed.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: sir john dermot turing was alan turing's nephew. >> reporter: even you didn't know. >> >> no. we crowded around this small black-and-white tv set to find out when the b.b.c. put out a little program on it. that's how we found out. >> reporter: arrested in 1952 for gross indecency with another man, turing would take his ownurin life at age 41, long before the world understood what he'd accomplished. but with his notebook selling to t an anonymous bidder for just over $1 million--i >> sold. th thank you, sir. >> reporter: the value of alan turing's achievement is at least being appreciated. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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a busy day at the ballpark for the world series champions, san francisco giants. thousands of fans came to watch the home opener at a it -- at at&t park. >> the giants organization has a new plan for the waterfront they call home. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm veronica de la cruz. the giants want to turn their parking lot in to a mega development right next to at&t park. new at 6:00 as phil matier reports there's been push-backs for deals like this, but what do you think? could this one be the home run? >> it depends a lot on the popularity of the team. what we're talking about is a development deal on the land that's controlled by the giants but opened by san francisco
6:00 pm
across the cove. and this beer garden could be the first step for not only a mega development but also some badly needed money for the team. >> this is really a tow in the water. >> reporter: mission rock is the $1.6 billion housing and entertainment development that the giants want to build on the parking lot just across the cove from at&t park. >> we've been hard at work on the plan for mission rock for the last several years so it's really the leading edge. >> reporter: made of recycled shipping containers, it offer as food outlet and public relations to help sell the even bigger deal down the line to voters. >> start to generate a sense of place now before the longer term development actually takes place. >> reporter: that long-term development and the high rises could be a tough sell with city voters. former mayor art agnus is a leader, like the first warriors arena that was proposed on the waterfront.


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